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CFMBB: Coldfusion Forums

CFMBB is a coldfusion-based message board application based on Ray Camden's Galleon Forums. With numerous drastic changes, it was renamed CFMBB with Ray's permission, and I have released it under the Apache Software License.

CURRENT STABLE VERSION: 1.23 Released 2007 August 22

NEWS - April 23, 2008

CFMBB 1.24 is now available.  This version includes a few minor bug fixes, one database change (an alteration to the thread title length, which was a bug actually), some improvements in spambot protection, and the integration of the MarkItUp editor with BBML support.  The BBML parser now also includes support for embedding youtube videos.  See the CHANGELOG for details, and download it here.

NEWS - August 22, 2007

CFMBB 1.23 is now available.  Many bugs were fixed, and there are a few minor enhancments. Please see the CHANGELOG for details, and download it here.

NEWS - July 24, 2007

CFMBB 1.22 is now available.  This is a bug fix release, there are no new features.  Please see the CHANGELOG for details, and download it here.

NEWS - March 14, 2007

CFMBB 1.21 is now available.  This is primarily a bug fix release for Microsoft Access users.

NEWS - March 12, 2007

After a little over a mouth of feature enhancements and beta testing, the final release of CFMBB 1.20 is now available from the downloads page.  Version 1.20 is a major upgrade, includes numerous database changes and lots of new features.  Check out the CHANGELOG, read about the features and requirements, and download today!

Visit the Demo Site

Want to see how CFMBB works from an admin perspective?  Visit, where you can log in with the username "admin" and password "demo"

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