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CFMBB Requirements

Coldfusion Engines:
CFMBB 1.20 is supported on Coldfusion MX 6.1, Coldfusion MX 7, Bluedragon 6.2, and Bluedragon 7.  Other coldfusion engines have not been tested.

Coldfusion Server Feature Requirements:
CreateObject() *MUST* be enabled, CFMBB will not work without it.  CFFILE must be enabled in order to handle attachments, and for the integrated file manager to work.

Database Support:
CFMBB 1.20 includes setup scripts for SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.  Supported versions of SQL Server - 2000 and 2005.  Supported versions of MySQL - 4.0 or later.  Support is provided for PostgreSQL but CFMBB 1.20 has not yet been tested on PostgreSQL.  A Microsoft Access database is included in the installation folder, but use of MS Access for a forum application is NOT recommended and NOT supported.  The Access database also does not include the chat tables.  Don't try it!

CFMBB Features

Here is a list of the major features added to the original Galleon 1.5 codebase:

  • BBML/BBCode Support - HTML-like markup for message posters
  • Optional confirmation of accounts required - either by the user or by an admin.
  • Most settings now stored in the database and can be controlled via the admin console.
  • Improved "Theme" support.
  • Avatars - gallery, remote URL, and "gravatar" support.
  • Signatures
  • Improved thread and message moderation - many tasks can be performed without going to the administration console.
  • Members only forums - login required to view.
  • Optional support for encrypted passwords.
  • Eliminated cflogin architecture, added support for persistent cookies.
  • IP logging of user logins and message posting for future support of ban capability.
  • Support for PostgreSQL in addition to MySQL and SQL Server.
  • File attachment support
  • modified subscription model mimics phpBB
  • member directory
  • board and user configurable timezone (all dates stored in UTC)
  • preview post functionality
  • Private Messaging
  • Site-wide and per-forum moderator permissions
  • Integrated chat (1.20)
  • Integrated file manager (1.20)
  • Integrated "simple" content management (1.20
  • More caching for performance (1.20)
  • CAPTCHA requirement on login to help prevent spam. (1.20)
  • Site wide, per conference, and per forum new topic notification options (1.20)
  • Usergroup support and restricted access forums (1.20)
  • improved installation script (1.20)
  • threads and messages now searchable by author (1.20)

This feature list was updated to include all features included in CFMBB 1.20.

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